Khybon "Finder" Zingre

Falleen Infochant and Salvager


A Falleen Salvager and part time information broker. He mostly operated in the capital city of Worlport but also uses a speeder truck to make forays into the Scraplands. On one such venture he came into an old model astromech droid and a damaged smuggler’s freighter. Upon getting them both to full working order he realized he had a discovery of great profit on his hands, the coordinates for an apparently undiscovered world.

With this information in hand he visited each of the major criminal syndicates in Worlport and took bids on the coordinates. Unfortunately for him his double dealing was discovered and quickly spread through the criminal community. Eventually minor groups commissioned by major Syndicates throughout Ord Mantell were looking for him. Eventually he was captured by a group of mercenaries led by a Mandalorian and delivered to Okoto the Hutt. Finder’s fate after this point is unknown. But the worst must be assumed.

Khybon "Finder" Zingre

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